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Binani Cement Limited

Binani Cement

Binani Cement Limited, a key leader in the Indian cement industry, is Braj Binani Group’s flagship subsidiary. Established in the year 1997, the company began operations in Binanigram, Rajasthan, India. The production capacity in India is currently placed at 6.25 MTPA and 70 MW captive power plants with plans to expand the market footprint soon. We manufacture and market “Ordinary Portland Cement” (OPC) and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) better known by the brand name “Binani Cement.” 

Binani Cement Market Share in India

After establishing its footprint firmly in India, Binani Cement Limited has expanded its operations to Dubai, and China as well, and has established itself as one of the top companies in the industry in terms of efficiency and performance.

Binani Cement is well known for its high level of quality, strength, reliability, performance, and consistency. Therefore, it has a major market share not only in India but is the most preferred choice in international markets, such as UAE, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar and Namibia. In India, they have a widespread distribution network, comprising more than 4000 dealers, and more than 100 market organizers, thus making Binani Cement a leading brand in the market.

Binani Cement Limited, has an asset value of about Rs.1874 Cr. and a turnover of approximately Rs.1872 Cr.

Road Ahead

The company has a vision to expand its capacity with a pan Asian presence. It has plans to set up 2 MTPA grinding unit in China, 2 MTPA clinkering unit in UAE, 1 MTPA grinding unit in Tanzania, 1.3 MTPA brown field and 3.5 MTPA Greenfield units in India. 

Binani Cement Awards

Awards and Recognitions

The various awards and accolades conferred upon Binani Cement are a testament to the level of quality and reliability that Binani Cement represents as a brand. These awards have truly inspired the company to march further on its quest for achieving the status of a global cement brand.  

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