The Central Technical Cell
The Central Technical Cell

The Central Technical Cell

At Binani cement, we strive to add more value to our product performance through study of the construction needs. Coupled with our dedication to excellence in all spheres, we bring to you not only world class cement that surpasses its indian counter parts but is also acknowledge as one of the finest in the world. From the very first production stage to the last, our cement is tested at every stage to ensure our promise to deliver the best durable & quality cement to our customers. To continue this commitment at pre & post sales stage, we at Binani cement extend our service horizons to all prospective users of cement. For this we have a “Central Technical Cell”, which comprises of an experienced team of Civil Engineers spread across all India who interact with individual buyers, engineers, architects, builders, contractors & masons to assess their needs and problems, offer advice before and after sales including educating users and customers on correct usage of cement and concrete as correct construction practices and quality control at the time of construction play an equally important role. Our team is just a call away to lend expertise solutions and to ensure happy house making. We firmly believe that quality construction leads to satisfied customers.

The objective of our Technical team is to ensure that good costruction practices are adopted at sites by organizing the following various Programmes / Activities:

  1. Mason Meet
  2. Builder’s/ Contractors Meet
  3. Channel Partner Training Programme
  4. Consumer guidance camp
  5. Customized mix design services to project customers.
  6. Interact routinely with the professionals (Engineers, Architects, etc.) regarding cutting edge solutions & share information regarding latest developments in the product basket and cement industry.
  7. Guidance on selection of building material and various aspect of construction to individual house builders.
  8. Mobile Concrete Testing laboratory.

These programs are aimed to educate a group of masons/contractors/Builders/channel Partners about good construction practices and correct usage of cement and concrete. We also provide them the expert advice on getting the best value from cement and offer assistance on related issues in civil construction projects. Effective audio-visual methods are employed to effectively communicate good construction practices.

The sevices of Central Technical cell can be availed by all users of Binani Cement and it also for the prospective users of Binani cement.

Mobile Concrete Testing Lab

As we firmly believe that quality construction leads to satisfied customers, at Binani we have Mobile Concrete Testing Lab at various locations across all India which has inbuilt concrete testing equipments. The Vans are fully equipped to carry out strength and workability test of concrete at site. The services of Mobile Van are primarily for assisting the customer in making good and durable concrete. This Mobile Lab services are free of cost   and are just a call away at any construction site within its gambit of operations, subject to availability of Van. As a quality assurance measure, the concrete at site is tested by trained and qualified staff. Varied services are provided through Mobile concrete laboratory.


The   Central Technical cell Service and Mobile Concrete Laboratory Services are non-profit, free of cost services to provide information and guidance to the Binani Cement users on the correct application of cement and concrete. The services are meant for general guidance only and in no way replaces the services of professional consultants on projects. No legal liability can be accepted by Binani Cement Limited for its use.

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